Biggest 184 Items List Bernie Does For Sellers 

This list also shows the importance of having a trained professional Realtor handling the sale of any piece of real estate which is for most people the most valuable asset at all.

By all accounts, the general public is not aware of all the services that agents provide to sellers and buyers during the course of a single transaction, probably because most of the important services are performed behind the scenes.


Pre-listing activities

  1. Make appointment with seller for listing presentation.
  2. Send a written or e-mail confirmation of appointment and call to confirm.
  3. Review appointment questions.
  4. Research all comparable currently listed properties.
  5. Find sales activity for past 12 months 
  6. Research “average days on market” for properties similar in type, price and location.
  7. Download and review property tax roll information.
  8. Prepare “comparable market analysis” (CMA) to establish market value.
  9. Obtain AI - artificial intelligence value report
  10. Research property’s ownership and deed type.
  11. Research property’s public record information for lot size and dimensions.
  12. Verify legal description.
  13. Research property’s land use coding and deed restrictions.
  14. Research property’s current use and zoning.
  15. Verify legal names of owner(s) in districts’ public property records.
  16. Prepare listing presentation package with above materials.
  17. Perform exterior “curb appeal assessment” of subject property.
  18. Compile and assemble formal file on property.
  19. Confirm current public schools and explain their impact on market value.
  20. Review listing appointment checklist to ensure completion of all tasks.

Listing appointment presentation

  1. Give seller an overview of current market conditions and projections.
  2. Review agent education, experience and accomplishments and company credentials .
  3. Present company’s profile and position in the marketplace.
  4. Present CMA results, including comparables, solds, current listings and expireds.
  5. Present AI - artificial intelligence value report. 
  6. Offer professional pricing strategy based and interpretation of current market conditions.
  7. Discuss goals to market effectively.
  8. Explain market power and benefits of multiple listing service.
  9. Explain market power of Web marketing, IDX,,
  10. Explain that 90% of all buyers resort to the internet first when looking for a property.
  11. Describe the work the broker and agent do “behind the scenes” and agent’s availability on weekends.
  12. Describe agent’s role in screening qualified buyers to protect against curiosity seekers or thiefs.
  13. Present and discuss strategic master marketing plan.
  14. Review all clauses in listing contract and obtain seller’s signature.

After listing agreement is signed

  1. Review current title information.
  2. Confirm lot size via owner’s copy of certified survey, if available.
  3. Note any and all unrecorded property lines, agreements, easements.
  4. Obtain house plans, if applicable and available.
  5. Review house / condo plans, make copy.
  6. Prepare showing instructions for buyers’ agents and agree on showing time with seller.
  7. Obtain current mortgage loan(s) information: companies and account numbers.
  8. Verify current loan information with lender(s).
  9. Check assumable loan(s) and any special requirements.
  10. Discuss possible buyer financing alternatives and options with seller.
  11. Review current appraisal if available.
  12. Identify strata manager if applicable.
  13. Verify strata fees with manager–mandatory or optional and current annual fee.
  14. Order copy of strata bylaws, if applicable.
  15. Research electricity availability and supplier’s name and phone number.
  16. Calculate average utility usage from last 12 months of bills.
  17. Research and verify city sewer/septic tank system.

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