Does Relisting Withimage

The Same Realtor

Make Sense?

After a listing has expired most sellers switch horses for one simple reason: what do you expect your old Realtor to do differently or better than he did during the first listing term? In fact, every Realtor starts full blast after the listing was signed. After all, the Realtor’s plan from the beginning is 

  • to avoid early listing termination by the seller down the road, 

  • to keep the amount of work with the listing as low as possible, and 

  • to get paid as quickly as possible. Right?

So why would a Realtor not apply every single marketing tool in his arsenal in the first place? The logical answer is that he/she already did everything in his/her power to sell. Interestingly, not applying the entire marketing arsenal would be highly irresponsible of a Realtor as it only leads to substantial losses for the seller.

So the question really is, what do you think will happen differently if you relist with the same Realtor again?

Every month hundreds of listings expire in Vancouver. So this is nothing unusual and most sellers pick another Realtor to avoid further losses down the road. 

The fact of the matter is, the longer a listing is on the market the less buyers are interested in the property. DOM - Days On Market - is always the big question. Generally speaking, the higher the DOM, the lower the number of interested buyers / offers.

Please note,  I helped over 1,000 homeowners in Europe, Toronto and Vancouver to sell their homes and I also studied real estate marketing & networking.

That's the reason why we usually sell higher and faster. In fact, we apply one of the Biggest Marketing Actions Plans in Vancouver focusing on massive High Impact Online Marketing without neglecting conventional marketing. We considerably magnify our marketing actions compared to the vast majority of all 15,000 Realtors in Vancouver, Therefore, we create a lot more buyer interest. Consequently, we do more showings and receive more offers which often result in bidding wars. After all, 90% of all buyers resort to the internet first before approaching a Realtor.

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